Roger Johnston & Michael Luckman
Fractal Art Gallery and Multimedia Exhibition

"My Daddy"  "Dream Song" "Growin'Old"

$12.95 includes S&H 

Three Music Videos featuring original music and Lyrics by Michael Luckman ... accompanied by hundreds of emotional, heartfelt moving photographic images played in sync with the music and original photography.

"MY Daddy"  and "Dream Song" media samples can now be viewed on our Multimedia DVD sample page, click below:

Growin' Old my latest release can be viewd at:

Father's Day DVD Music Video Gift

Father's Day DVD Music Video Gift (MV.403)

"My Daddy" ,  "Dream Song" and newly added, "Growin? Old" music videos on one DVD. First public release,    Artist Series, personally signed by the multimedia artist and composer, Michael Luckman. Packaged  in a colorful hard case as a wonderful gift for Dad, Children, and the entire Family you will always cherish.


Base Price: $12.95