Roger Johnston & Michael Luckman
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Michael Luckman new release Visual Music DVD (below artist notes)


Visual realization of "Last Train Home"


 $29.95 Artist Series/250 Limited Edition DVD 

My goal was to produce a poetic moving art visual journey as an accompaniment to Pat Metheny’s all time classic, “Last Train Home”, creating a visual tone poem merging the mediums of music and art mixing original photos with digital graphic landscapes. Visually the moving art travels from the macro to micro, beginning with sunsets - to the morning dew - to close-ups of trees, leaves, flowers… finally reaching its’ cosmic transformation….


RE: The syncing of Music and Art:  As the piece begins the visuals appear loosely in sync with the music, seemingly indifferent with the music’s journey… each traveling on a separate path, in a separate dimension… yet held together by the increasing speed of each medium until both the Music and Visuals rush together becoming one… traveling in unison towards their spiritual climax, three and a half minutes into the piece… celebrating Metheny's joyful celestial chorus.


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 (note includes iTunes licensing fee for "Last Train Home") 

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Last Train Home
Last Train Home

Last Train Home (MV 405)

Michael Luckman Visual Music realization of Pat Metheny's Last Train Home...
Base Price: $9.95