Fractal Art Visual Environments & Virtual Tour Roger Johnston

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Interactive Fractal Art & Virtual Tour, Roger Johnston

Visual Environments Fractal Art Interior Designs

Following is a small sampling of Roger Johnston's art displayed here in different interior settings along with links to other pages within the site. For a more detailed overview showcasing the artist's diversity, professional designers, architects, creative directors... may request one or more of several free catologues on DVD through our contact page please list your title, organization, company affiliation and areas of interest so we may respond with the appropriate materials. Thank you, Michael Luckman.

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Soft Pillow

Native Lightning Dancers



Flame Rubble



All Apparation

Aurora Spiral

Wing Patterns

Cosmic Sailing

Electron Cloud

Dissolving Rose

Coming To The New World

Interactive Fractal Art Virtual Tour Roger Johnston (additional titles below)

Take a 3D Virtual Tour of a Fractal Art Exhibition through a Chinese Garden . Individual fractal images featured are available at the store's print gallery available here.

Purchase an Interactive Virtual Tour CD featuring 3 separate fractal art virtual tour environments at the store here.


Commercial interior designers, architects, public space planners may request a free CD through the Contact Page showcasing multiple virtual tour layouts.

Instructions how to use interactive mode

The Virtual Tour will automatically open in an auto playback mode. Press space bar to toggle to interactive mode and back to auto play.

Using your mouse, left click, holding down button, move mouse slowly around, up, down, right, left… to manually tour the site. Note direct mouse cursor to travel on walkways/bridges/steps to go from one exhibition area to another.

Moving mouse faster will increase your speed, to pause release mouse.

To view an image in a still frame mode, move cursor over any image, release holding down mouse button putting program in pause and then re-click, do not hold button down, full image appears. Note you may need to get closer to the image by moving your mouse up and placing cursor near the center before pausing and re-clicking to view larger image.

To return to interactive tour, re-click mouse, then hold down button moving cursor around continuing your tour.

To end tour, just click the upper right x in virtual tour viewing screen